Bespoke designs are extremely personal, which is why each one-of-a-kind design from Virtuoso Jewels is made to address YOUR individual needs.

Custom design allows for autonomy over every element of design; from conceptualization to production.

Each piece tells a story - what will yours say?


Fine jewelry requires maintenance over time. Our team of experts is ready to inspect your pieces for damage, wear, and stone loss.

As a full-service shop, we are able to evaluate your pieces and recommend repairs based on their current state as well as address concerns to be mindful of in the future.

Our repairs are done by our in-house goldsmiths and include but are not limited to:

Ring Resizing

Shank Replacement

Prong Re-tip and Replacement

Stone Tightening and Replacement

Rhodium Plating

Chain Repair 

Polishing and Refinishing

Complimentary Examination and Cleaning


Clients often approach us with pieces that have been sitting in a drawer for years, unsure of what to do. This process is very similar to creating a custom design; whether we modify your current piece or remount the stones.

Our team is here for you when your jewelry needs a refresher. While life can be challenging, breathing new energy and meaning into your jewelry doesn't have to be.


Complimentary appraisals are provided for pieces purchased from us valued at $1000 or more.

We also offer written appraisals determining insurance replacement value and fair-market resale value on client-owned jewelry. These are provided by a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Graduate Gemologist who is a Registered Master Valuer through the California Institute of Jewelry Training and a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.
(est. turnaround time 1-2 weeks).


You deserve a spa day - so does your jewelry.

Stop by for our team to inspect and clean your jewelry. This can typically be done while you wait, although some circumstances may require your pieces to be taken in for a more in-depth cleanse or for repair.

We never charge to clean and check your jewelry
. But we do recommend having your pieces professionally cleaned and inspected several times a year to assess for wear, damage, and future stone loss.


Need to file an insurance claim? We can help with that.

Our team will assess damage to your jewelry and can provide a letter to your insurance company recommending the path to making it whole, whether it requires partial replacement, repair, or redesign.