Exquisite Jeweled Art by Larry Seiger


What makes Virtuoso Jewels different?
There are many different types of jewelry stores in the Triangle: merchandisers, independents, pawn shops, chain stores and mom and pop shops to name a few. However, only two stores in the Triangle employ a JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler, and Virtuoso Jewels is the only store owned, staffed and operated by one.  Unlike other stores that simply buy jewelry and resell it and send out repair work to unknown trade shops, at Virtuoso Jewels, all the jewelry is designed, created and repaired in-house.  

Shop Hours
Virtuoso Jewels will be open to the public every Friday from 10AM to 8PM. Because it takes time and uninterrupted concentration for a master goldsmith to create the next generation of heirlooms, it's not possible to have the shop open to the public at what most would consider normal business hours. However, it is possible to make an appointment any time or day of the week by calling 919.805.5111. In addition, if you are shopping in downtown Apex and see the Virtuoso Jewels sidewalk sign out, then we are open and welcome you to stop in and shop.  

What is a Certified Master Bench Jeweler?
In 1996, the most respected jewelers trade organization, Jewelers of America, based in Manhattan, developed a program that would objectively certify the competency and achievement of the craftspeople who make and repair jewelry. Certification levels are Certified Bench Jeweler Technician, Certified Bench Jeweler, Certified Senior Bench Jeweler and Certified Master Bench Jeweler. Larry was the 3rd jeweler in the nation to be awarded with the Master Bench Jeweler certification in July of 1997. The bench jeweler certification tests the capability of a jeweler in many styles of stone setting, wax carving of models, soldering and welding, accurate interpretation of designs from 2 dimensional drawings, general technical knowledge and many other subjects. To date, fewer than 125 goldsmiths have passed the demanding certification process. 

What else is going on in downtown Apex?